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Insulated Patios

As a proud, locally-owned and operated Australian company, Insulated Patios is committed to delivering the very best outdoor shelter solutions. Our insulated patios can be found in countless backyards – they’re built to add value to your home and stand up to the harsh Australian climate. If you’re considering adding some cover to your outdoor spaces, we’re the team to call.

Insulated Patios - Insulated Roof Panels

Why choose
insulated PATIOS?

Unlike single-skin panels which are just one sheet of metal, insulated patio roof panels are constructed using an EPS core between high-grade layers of steel for extra insulation. With insulated roof panels you’ll experience better temperature control, less noise from the weather (such as rain) and a sleek, modern appearance.

Insulated patios also give you more flexibility, because the designs make it easier to add walls, glass, lighting and even ceiling fans. You can add permanent walls, bistro blinds or any other type of walls, and thanks to the insulated roof you’ll be able to enjoy the temperature you want – even outdoors!

Made in Australia

Insulated Patios is an Australian-owned, local business.

You can rest assured that when you choose Insulated Patios, you’re getting completely Australian-made structures, designed for our climate.

Experienced professionals

We’ve had years of experience in the industry, which is invaluable when designing patios. Our skills and expertise allow us to provide a high-end service for all types of homes and all types of patios. Experience is so valuable because planning a patio installation isn’t just about measuring an area and putting the components together.

A great deal of planning is required, especially when looking at the best way to give our clients the shelter they need. With Insulated Patios, you get the best planning advice and the very best solutions every time, no matter how large or small your outdoor area is.

Committed to excellent customer service

A major part of our reputation is built around excellent customer service. For many of our clients, the process of planning and erecting a patio is frustrating, and it’s nearly impossible to know where to start. Fortunately, Insulated Patios DIY kits are designed to make your life easy.

We don’t favour any particular style of patio, which means you always get honest advice. The patio style that best suits your home may be completely different from your neighbour’s. That’s why we provide so many different types of patios. Our team is there to offer honest advice every time, and we’re always available to discuss ideas or answer questions. It’s all part of our great customer service commitment.

The very best materials

We always strive to deliver our customers the very best quality steel built to last.

But it doesn’t stop with our roof panels. All components of your patio from posts to flashings are carefully chosen by our experienced team. We only use materials that we’d use in our own homes.

We understand that your home is your biggest asset, and that’s why we carefully select all materials to meet the highest expectations.

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