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Flyover Patios

The very best in flyover patios

Flyover patios are extremely popular in Australia. The beauty of this style is that it can be installed almost anywhere – it just needs an existing roof for the brackets that hold the insulated panels to go over. The style can even be used for carports. At Insulated Patios, we’ve put together a range of flyover patios, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep the heat away from your outdoor areas this summer.

Flyover patios are also popular because the roof is higher than a standard patio, giving you more clearance and flexibility in design. This also encourages better airflow through your outdoor area.

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patio roof panels

We experience some pretty extreme weather at times, from heat to heavy rains and hail. That’s why the quality of your patio roofing really matters.

We choose insulated roof panels made from steel and EPS core because it’s built tough, just like we want your patio to be when it’s installed.

Remember, adding a patio or covered outdoor entertaining area is an investment that adds value to your home. Add even more value with quality roofing that suits your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

Make your outdoor areas amazing

Many homes around Australia have decks or outdoor areas with no coverage overhead. While it’s still a pleasant part of the home, you can’t enjoy it quite as much if the sun is too hot or it’s raining outside. That’s why a flyover patio can completely transform the way you use your outdoor spaces.

With the high ceilings of a flyover insulated patio, you can install lights, ceiling fans and much more. You’ll also get appropriate protection from the elements such as the sun and rain.

Flyover patios also provide excellent ventilation, and it’s easy to add something a little extra such as glass, walls, bistro blinds and more.

10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty alongside your panels as well as a Form 15.

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