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Freestanding Patios

Freestanding patios
for any home

Freestanding Patios allow you to build a patio or carport in any space of your property without depending on any existing structure to attach it to. There’s nothing better than sitting out on the patio during summer, reading a book or relaxing with friends and family. However, if your outdoor area doesn’t have adequate shelter, those relaxing summer afternoons can become uncomfortable. The answer is a freestanding patio from Insulated Patios.

Create your freestanding patio with all of the components you need and the highest quality materials personally selected by our experienced team of experts. With delivery straight to your door, you can’t go wrong with Insulated Patios.

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Customised orders

We understand that every home is different. That means every outdoor space is different, and your needs can be quite unique. That’s why we provide the option to customise your order exactly the way you want it. You can add beams, screws, gutters, flashings, posts and even lights

Our standard insulated patios are more than suitable when adding an outdoor area to your home. However, if you have complex spaces that require a little innovation, that’s no problem either.

Simply input your measurements into our Online Quoting Tool or contact our team if you need further assistance. For hassle-free patios, look no further than Insulated Patios.

patio roof panels

We take great pride in delivering the very best patio solutions on the market. When it comes to roofing, there is no substitute for quality steel. Made for tough Australian conditions and able to handle the heat of summer.

The roof of any structure bears the brunt of our harsh climate, including blistering sun, heavy rains and even hail. So, if you want the ultimate protection for your outdoor entertaining area, a Freestanding Patio made with insulated roof panels is the perfect design for you.

freestanding patios

Having a covered outdoor area in your yard adds so much value to your home. As Australians, we love spending time outside, even if it’s just to share some drinks and a BBQ with friends. We also don’t like the weather to ruin our plans.

Thanks to Insulated Patios, you can get a covered freestanding patio for almost any budget.

Despite including only the very best materials, we still keep our freestanding patios affordable so that more people can make the most of their outdoor spaces. Check out our range today, and find out why so many people choose Insulated Patios.

Delivered to your door

If you’re looking for an easy, hassle-free way to get everything you need for a freestanding patio, then look no further. We deliver our patios directly to your door throughout Queensland and northern NSW. No more running around 5 different stores looking for components, getting frustrated when retail outlets don’t have the materials you need.

With our delivery service, you get everything all in one convenient package. All materials are cut to size and ready for installation. Nobody enjoys spending hours shopping for materials, so our delivery service makes it so much easier.

If you’re looking for a freestanding patio that’s fully customisable to your needs and delivered right to your door, then you’ve come to the right place. Get a quote today, and we’ll have your insulated patio in your hands as soon as possible.

10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty alongside your panels as well as a Form 15.

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